A Gift Buying Guide For Women’s Watches

There are several wrist watch models and styles for women to select from high end brands. There are few things to consider before buying a timepiece and this of course includes a person’s taste in fashion and their lifestyle too. It might be a bit harder when selecting a gift for someone else but by using a rough guideline you will be done in no time

Lifestyle and personality
Take into considerations the person’s career and lifestyle before buying something. Someone who is constantly on the move will be hindered by a large timepiece, or a person who works a lot with their hands will need something more durable. Decide if you will be buying something for daily wear or only for formal events.

Matching Style and Colour
Women generally prefer something that appeals to their fashion sense and that will complete an outfit. For example a silver Cartier watch would go for a more formal event or for every day office wear. Whereas an IWC watch with leather straps would suit a casual environment better. Coloured leather straps may not be very commonly worn, but something fun and original can be worn by women who like to be different. Silver and black are neutral tones that would complement anyone, even gold that is not too flashy can worn as well. Try to choose something that person on the receiving end will like wearing, and that is timeless or classic so that it never really goes out of style.

Selecting a Type
There are timepieces with unique features like interchangeable straps that can be changed go with the owner’s current outfit. The metal bands on women’s watches are generally smaller with a medium to small watchcase, you can even select models for men with these features. Brands like Breitling and Cartier are perfect examples of this. Other brands like Rolex and IWC watch have created models with stylish leather straps. Timepieces that look more like jewelry would be a good option to create a more elegant used rolex watches for sale in UAE which can even match other accessories.

Final Advice
For a person who has a smaller build, large chunky models will be too big for them and would be a bit heavy as well. Simple medium to small scaled ones would suit them better. Be a bit careful when buying coloured timepieces as well since all colours may not suit the usual style of wearer. Generally models with circular or rounded watchcases are preferred by women. However, there are beautiful models with square watchcases that have entered the market and are quite popular too.