Doing Charity Events Just Right

Many people engage in some form of charitable event now and then. Be it in church, school, office, or any other organization that they are a member of. Some take part in one event per year probably, make an appearance and won’t think about it till it’s the next year. They love to do more but they just don’t have the time or the resources to pull off a large scale charity event. A common mistake a lot of people who organize do is think that charitable deeds and events should be done in a large scale and the profit should be large. If things don’t turn up the way they want they just simply quit or get discouraged. Don’t be! It’s the thought that matters when it comes to charity. A charitable heart can achieve a lot and make a huge impact. You just have to do it the right way.

First you have to come up with a purpose for organizing the event (of course the purpose is for charity but what kind of charity? Who are we raising funds for? To do what? When? How? All these must be thought out thoroughly before you step in to phase two which is the actual organizing part). The purpose must be a practical and a genuine one as well as a pressing need. People do tend to overlook charitable events that they think as not an essential need. However if you want to do a charitable deed just go ahead with it. As I said charity depends on the heart and not what people see you do. Link here to find out more about the printing companies.

After that gather some like-minded individuals who are genuinely interested in such a cause and do the preliminary budgeting, brainstorming, activity planning etc. Go for something do-able. I know that you might want to make it as big as possible, to be able to help a lot of people but the truth be told, you must start small and one step of a time. We can’t help all the needy people in the country in one go. It needs commitment, effort, resources and of course a lot of time! So start small. Have a small target group. For an example if you are interested in helping kids suffering from poverty who don’t have access to proper educational resources then start with a small number of targeted children. Then calculate how much you need per child for the resources you are going to provide and then calculate how much funds you need to raise in order to achieve that. That way you don’t disappoint any one and if you get more than you targeted then you can cater more. But for the start just have a small target group.

Then start with the basics. The location, the dates, the time etc. All have to be carefully thought of. Say for an example you chose an isolated location where there are no parking space, or a time when everyone is out working in their day job then you can’t efficiently carry out your event. Chose a time and date that you think is the best to draw in a lot of people and that people are free to participate. The location must be accessible and ideal for crowds of people.

The next move is publicity. It’s the time to get the flyers and the posters done. The poster and flyers printing Dubai could be done easily through a shop or a printing press and is most of the time cheaper in a bulk. They must be attractive (not plain old boring title, time, date and venue thing). It should attract the mind of an individual at first glance and have enough power to hold their focus till the last letter is reads. Ideally use colors that are bright (not too bright either) depending on your budget and resources. It must convey to the reader why you are doing this and why is it important for the reader to contribute to this.

Most of the time organizing and running a charitable even is going to be hard work with low appreciation. But that’s ok because the whole point of charity is giving something back to the community, not taking them. Remember, it’s the thought that matters.