Fun Phone Accessories To Experiment With

When the mobile phone first saw daylight it was as big as a brick and almost as heavy. The long black block could barely be lifted with one hand and was purely functional. Over time, mobile phones became smaller and smaller as technology allowed for the hardware to shrink and be just as effective. Eventually, the mobile shrunk to the size of a closed fist.

Today, mobile phones are getting bigger again but slimmer and more futuristic. We no longer use mobile phones just to call someone up. Now we use them as calendars, date books, calculators, and radios, to browse the internet, check email, as a torch, a personalized weather report and so much more. Thus it is that phones today are ornamental as well as functional and the various accessories available to us reflect that. Here are some fun phone accessories you can experiment with:

Customizing the Appearance of Your Phone

Today’s mobile phones can be customized with mobile skins Dubai: extra-slim stickers with a pattern of your choice printed on it that sticks on to the back of the phone and adheres completely, thus making the phone look completely different. This is a less expensive way of making your phone look cooler. Even if you can’t afford a custom made merchandised phone from a franchise, you can always get a portable skin to look like it.

Alternately, you can also find mobile covers for Samsung that will reflect your tastes onto your phone. A phone cover will provide additional protection to your phone by absorbing shock, protecting the edges, and buttressing the glass front.

Phone Tags and Stylus

Along with smaller phones came the phone tags, a variation of a key tag, now that key chains are no longer ‘in.’ The phone tag has a loop similar to that of a key tag but is flexible and can be looped into a small hole at the edge of the phone so that it hangs from there. Japan is a champion of phone tags with every conceivable franchise fighting for space in store windows. There are phone tags that light up, that double as torches, that simply hang there and look pretty and that embed GPS information.

You could also get a stylus to fit into the headphone socket at the top of the phone. A stylus is a small pen-like instrument with a soft tip that can be used on touch-screen phones instead of the finger. In fact, a stylus is more effective. There are various types of stylus and it can be used instead of a phone tag on a mobile phone.