Holidaying In The Middle East

A holiday in the Middle East can be an interesting experience due to the different culture and the different rituals in the Middle East. The culture in the Middle East changes from place to place however as all of the countries in the Middle East are Muslim nations there are certain strict rules that need to be followed. One thing that you need to remember when visiting the Middle East is that, as interesting as it can be to experience a different culture, it can also be very dangerous because the laws in the Middle East are nothing like you have ever known and can be very extreme in accordance with the sharia or Muslim law. Link here to gain ideas about the best venues and hotspots that offer spectacular Bollywood parties and events in the city.

Less strict countries in the Middle East

As mentioned above, the rituals and culture of the different countries in the Middle East vary greatly and one of the least strict countries you could find in the Middle East is Dubai, due to its large migrant population. If you are looking for where to party in Dubai, you might find a few night clubs or parties if you are lucky however, it is still best to be very careful as these parties are not always in line with the sharia law. The sharia law is in fact quite partial and women tend to get stricter punishment than men and therefore something you might find normal in your own country like dancing with a man may be a criminal offense that can lead to hanging in these countries.

Looking for where to party in Dubai may not be the best idea if you are on a short holiday in Dubai as it is far more advisable to wait until you get home to party. Dubai is however best known for its bargains and your time in Dubai is probably best spent shopping for the best food and clothes at the most amazing prices.

The sharia law is worlds apart from the law in western countries and therefore, you could be doing something that you might consider completely normal and average in your own country but it could be considered criminal activity in the Middle East that could get you thrown in jail or worse hanged. Certain things such as having consensual intercourse with someone that is considered free will in the west can get you stones or killed. For this reason, it is important to be very careful and very aware before you consider a trip to the Middle East and it would be useful to do as much research as you possibly can before you enter the Middle East.