Marriages Are Made In Heaven!

It is something all of the people tell the hot blooded teenagers and youths – “wait for the prince charming to come sweep you off your feet”; “when you see her, you will know there is no greater destination than residing in her heart”. But; what about marriages? Did they mean the arranged marriages or the love marriages!?

When someone tells the word arranged marriage, people immediately imagine those noisy relatives coming in huge buses and the huge arguments for which side should pay the bus rentals. Then, people also see only the people from collectivistic culture getting married by the arrangement of elders. There are lots of people who are from the individualistic culture, who are marrying someone else for the sake of accessing their funds or something like making an ancestral property comes to them.

There is just a huge question of what to expect in a marriage?! If it is going to be considered as a contract, it makes more sense. Either of the part is offering their love, care and economic stability for someone else and also have lots of clauses in the offer. The offeree knows that there are complications in the offer given by the particular offeror. It is totally up to the person to accept the offer or not. The person who is interested who had offered had chosen this particular person showing their freedom of choice and contract.

Now, after careful consideration of the clauses, the acceptor would just accept the offer or just give a counter offer to the ex offerer. Now the roles are reversed when a counter offer is placed. When they accept, the promises are made and the obligations and rights are assured. The contract is formed. This is just for the relationship like going out, when they want to make the higher step and go for the marriage. The above mentioned contract is a contact that is offered and accepted by conduct.

Whereas when it comes to the part where the related people have decided to get into marriage then it is of course has some rules and laws to follow under the law. Some people mostly the celebrities will actually get a written contract for the relationships when they get into relationships. Link here for the affordable and reliable car rental services.

But when it comes to marriages, almost most of the people are signing pre nuptials. Pre-nuptial agreement is actually a written document which holds the conditions for the couples to follow of they plan to divorce each other. Some people just enter the marriage relationship like a business. It just does not make sense anymore, it is just law, money and power in the cycle. There is no love and other things!