Studying India Is Exciting

One of the most interesting subjects that you could study is the subject of the beautiful country of India. India is one of the most exciting and colorful countries and cultures in the world and the part that makes it so interesting is that unlike the other countries in the world that have changed and evolved through the years and decades, India’s culture is very much unchanged from what it used to be centuries ago. Therefore a visit to India can be like a trip in to the past in a time machine because there are so many traditions and rituals that are common place in India that they western world has not even heard of. While some of these rituals and beliefs can sometimes be negative, most of them can be delightful and a journey to India can be one of the most unforgettable experiences that you will ever have. Link here& to find out more about the movies that in Gulf cinemas.
Modern India
While it has been noted that most of India is still in line with its historical past, other parts of India are becoming more and more modernized by the day. An example of this would be the Bollywood movie industry which is a billion dollar film industry similar to the Hollywood film industry.
This is the part of India that most of the world is familiar with because these movies made in India are watched an enjoyed by not only Indians but people around the world. The interesting part to note is that these Bollywood movies in Dubai are usually in Hindi, one of the most popular languages of India’s one thousand seven hundred and twenty one languages and therefore the movies are not understood by the non-Indian population and yet, they can still be quite enjoyable. In some cases, it is interesting to note that non-Indians in other countries have managed to master the language of Hindi by simply watching these movies.
Culture and heritage
Indians are known for their rich culture complete with colorful and unique rituals. These traditions and rituals however vary widely between each of its states and its different communities of people. If you were to visit the north of India you will notice that the people are richer and more modernized while the people in the south of India are poorer and very passionate and dependent on their traditions and rituals.
Cultural negatives
This said however, the status of women in these parts of India is very low and sadly rape is still prevalent in India. Infant genocide is common practice in India due to the cultural practice of having to pay dowry at the marriage of a female child.